Fogger Machine


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Fogger machine assists to disinfect your interior and exterior spaces such as office floor, lawn or garden quickly & easily with the choice of your chosen disinfectant, all thanks to its high working efficiency, high killing rate & large spraying range. 


  • 2 IN 1 WATER & PETROL BASED: You can use this portable disinfection spray with every kind of water or diesel-based pesticide and solution so you can have fully liberty to use it the way your disinfectant desires. It features a high capacity 15 liters pesticide solution tank to let you cover broad area. 
  • SHOULDER OR VEHICLE MOUNT DESIGN: Boasting a sleek and lightweight 6.5-10 kg design & high-power motor that draws its energy from the 2 liter petrol-based fuel tank, it can either be carried over the shoulder or mounted on the back of a pickup truck for effortless fogging applications. 
  • EASY TO OPERATE: Turn on the power switch and the handle switch to start the spraying work. The disinfectant or insecticide mist can be diffused in the working area for a long time, achieving all-round deposition, strong penetrability, no dead angle, and good insecticidal/sterilization effect. 
  • APPLICATION AREAS: Ideal for disinfection or pest control where active substances need to be uniformly sprayed in or around inaccessible places without leaving any undesirable residues such as home, offices, hospitals, quarantine centers, garden, lawn, shopping complexes, restaurants, warehouse, school, etc. 


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