Fukuda FRE-102B


* Electronic Self-Leveling, Wide Leveling Range, High Precision and Stability.
* Horizontal and Vertical Self-Leveling.
* Plumb Beam for 90° Layout Work
* Plumb- Down Feature for Setup Over a Point
* With Scanning Function.
* With Clockwise and Counterclockwise Rotating Function.
* Manual With Dual Axis Slope Adjustment.
* Housing Made With Rubber and High-Impact Plastic
* Full Function IR Remote Control
* H. I. (Elevation) Alert With Separate Switch.




Compensation range: ±12

Standards Accuracy: ±3mm/30m and Precise±1.5mm per 30m

Power: Ni-MH battery

Working range: Diameter 900m (with receiver)
Working temperature:  -20℃– +50℃

Laser class: Class II

Wavelength: 635nm
Water proof.

Accessories: 2 Batteries, 1 Electric Charger, Laser Eye, and Tractor Charger.


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