Hyundai Power Sprayer TURBO 786


    • Hyundai spray machine Turbo 768
    • Powerful engine GX 35.8cc
    • Engine power 1.2hp
    • 4 stock
    • 25 litre tank


About Power Sprayer

All crops need different pest control applications as you will find in orchards, vineyards, greenhouses, residential areas, or ranches. A high demand in power sprayers is pushing engineers to develop more precise, light, and comfortable equipment, not only for the operator but also for better coverage. As a result, these innovative designs set apart the leaders in this market from the rest of the other agricultural brands. Sprayer accessories should allow the spray of pesticides to penetrate even to the underside of the leaves. 


  • Cylinder Volume:  25.6 cc
    Power:  1.2 Hp
    Drug Store Volume:  25 liters
    Max. Liquid Shooting Capacity:  8 liters / min
    Operating pressure:  15-25 kg / cm²
    Weight:  9 kg


  • 1 years warranty


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