Hyundai Water Pump (Vacuum Pump 1hp)


Vacuum Pump 1hp | Model HCPSP1-1x1IN | Warranty 1 year




Hyundai Water Pump Vacuum Pump 1hp:

This  is an electric submersible clean water pump, designed to consistently perform and built to last. With a rated power of 250W,  and has a maximum submersion depth of 5m and a maximum delivery height of 6m. The outlet hose size is 25mm – 32mm (1” to 1 ¼”).

Fitted with a convenient float switch, the  will automatically turn off when water levels become too low to pump from. The also benefits from a lightweight and compact design, weighing only 3.8kg and featuring a built-in carry handle. The portable nature of this electric water pump makes it ideal for taking from one job to the next and the compact design makes storing it in a van, shed, garage, workshop or similar locations incredibly easy.

Suggested usage for the HY25032C includes draining cellars, cisterns, pools, sinks, baths and other general transfers or draining of clean water. Water temperatures of up to 35 °C will pose no problem for the  and debris and particles up to 5mm will cause no damage to the machine. With a 10m cable attached as standard this electric water pump also has fantastic reach from a power source.

To ensure the safety of the user, an RCD (Residual Current Device) is recommended to be used with the  as risk of electrocution is increased when using electrical equipment with water. All electric submersible water pumps also come with a 1 year standard domestic warranty. Hyundai Water Pump Vacuum Pump 1hp is available at Kisan Online in very best Price and Quality.



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