Hyundai Water Pump(Monoblock CPM 158 )


Monoblock CPM 158  | Model HPPSP1-1x1IN | Warranty 1 year




Hyundai Water Pump Monoblock CPM 158:

Centrifugal pumps with single impeller are able to offer high flow rates,provide smooth,nonpulsating delivery,and regulate the flow rate over a wide range without damaging the pump.
For the correct functioning of the pump,use clean water,or nonaggressive liquids charged with small solid impurities.
Tobe used in flow irrigation system in garden,agriculture and industrial fittings. Hyundai Water Pump Monoblock CPM 158 is available in very good price and quality.

Operating conditions:
Liquid temperature of up to 60  °c
Ambient temperature up to 40 °c
Total suction lift up to 9m
Continuous duty.


Pumo body:Cast Iron
Impeller : Brass/Techno-polymer(P.P.O)
Mechnical Seal :Carbon/Cermaic/Stainless steel.


Singe Phase
Heavy Duty Contious Work
Motor Housing:Aluminum
Shaft:Carbon Steel/Stainless Steel
Insulation :Class B/ClassF
Protection :IP44/IP54
Cooling:External Ventilation



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