Hyundai Water Pump(SS Head monoblock)


SS Head monoblock  | Model HYWPCP1H20S91/4*1IN | Warranty 1 year |


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Hyundai Water Pump(SS Head monoblock):

PL series pumps have been specially designed to make dismantling (whether for inspection, cleaning and maintenance) quicker and easier. The forward-seal position places the seals in direct contact with CIP fluids. Superior seal clean lines lengthen seal life and minimizes seal flaking (product contaminations) as the seals are located directly behind the rotors, areas of product entrapment are eliminated for superior hygienic performance.
Unique front loading seal design gives faster maintenance, easier cleaning, and less downtime. The only dismantling front cover, the rotors, and seals are takeout without pump dismantling from the pipe.
PL series pumps have been working to suit all hygienic pumping applications in the food, dairy, beverage, pharmaceutical and another place where the stainless steel is resistant to liquids to be pumped.
Working Principle PL series pumps are positive displacement pumps. The volume at the inlet increases when the rotors rotate and the product is drawn into the pump. It is then transported in the space between the lobes and the periphery of the pump housing to the discharge side. The volume between the rotors is reduced here and the product is forced out through the outlet.
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  • Three kinds of gearboxes with six kinds of pump models
  • Heating /Cooling jackets easy to fit on the front cover and/or rotor casing
  • The inlet-outlet connection ports are monoblock with casing. It is hygienic due to not welding
  • A Single seal which can be modified to a double type (flushing) with a minimum of additional parts
  • Horizontal ports which can be fitted vertical simply
  • The offered rotor shaft as down as standard can be easily changed to up.
  • It is suitable to drive clockwise/counterclockwise direction (both).
  • The inlet/outlet connection ports can be offered with DIN 11851 or flange
  • The lobe type can be offered with a single wing, bi-wing,tri-lobe, and multi-lobe according to application
  • The clearances can be set according to viscosity
  • The inlet port can be rectangular for high viscosity applications to feed well.



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