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About Wheat Straw Chopper

Its job is to collect the wheat straws harvested and dropped by a combine harvester and to cut them in small pieces. After chopping the straws, blower sends them to the trolley or trailer attached at the back. A tractor is required to operate this wheat straw chopper / reaper machine.

Some latest combine harvesters have the ability to make the wheat straw cut into tiny pieces. This machine also harvests or cut the stubbles of wheat left by combine machine. It is also called small combine harvester as it also collects wheat grains from the waste.


  • Harvesting and cutting capacity of 2 acres per hour
  • Efficient for handling the waste
  • Less fuel consumption
  • 40 horsepower tractors are enough to operate this machine
  • Fuel consumption is 4 to 5 liters per hour
  • Reaps the stubbles and saves grain loss



  • This machine consists of the following parts.
  • Heavy duty gearbox.
  • Blades for shaving the stubbles and to cut in pieces.
  • Grain tank to collect and abstract grains from the leftover.
  • Thresher drum
  • Air blower to drop straw in the trolley



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