Mini Foger



 About Mini Fogger

Mini Fogger Machine is a kind of applying chemicals machine, it is with high efficiency light, small, convenient use, and wide applied fields, sprays mist with small size, good penetration and diffusion, better adhesion and strong anti-erosion of rainfall. Mini Fog Machine is suitable to indoor and outdoor sanitation and epidemic prevention, prevention and cure of disease and insect pest for forest and farmland.It has good market with reliable quality and reasonable price.  


1)Size 470x180x360 (mm)         

2)Weight: 1.8KG             

3)Chemical tank:2L                    

4)Fuel: Butane (220g gas tin) 

5)Mist size: Less than 30µm        


7)Fuel consumption:1EA/H           

8)Aerosol:0 diesel oil or special smog carrier 



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