About Thresher 

 This machine has a simple function of mechanically cutting and separating wheat seed crops from a harvested plant by using an axle flow threshing system.  Thresher is employed for the threshing of wheat crop and is abundantly used. This is a chaff cutter type thresher and is mounted with 45hp tractor and 30hp electric motor to be operated. It gives 1200 to 1400 kg of production per hour. 


  • Robust Construction. 
  • 50% extra output then other threshers. 
  • High quality material like steel, bearings, pulleys, ms sheet, etc. 
  • Provision of adjusting the cylinder and concave. 
  • Provision of wheels for easy transportation. 
  • Provision for speed variation for different crops. 
  • Extra safety covers are provided over pulleys, flywheel. V-belts to avoid any accident. 
  • More efficiency resulting in better performance in less fuel consumption. 
  • Stringently inspected components by the qualified engineers before fitment. 


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