Aboot Twine IPI  

These threads, which are produced for harvesting machines which are used effectively in rural areas, provide high strength and low elongation properties and ensure trouble-free operation of the mowing machine. Harvesting machines are used in the same scope for all cereals (wheat and wheat grain barley, oats, rye) that can be grown in every field (plain, small hill, soft soil). It is specially manufactured out of standard dimensions to fit into the thread bucket of the machine. It is produced with the hardness that the machine blade can cut easily. 


  • Fibrillated and UV treated. 
  • Durable for hard weather conditions like rain, sun, and etc. 
  • From start to end, it is specially designed for usage of baler without any problem. 
  •  Accurate and UN-knotted. 
  •  High strength 
  • Suitable for automatic baler machine. 
  •  Agriculture Industry; Wheat, Barley, Oats, Corn, Clover 
  •    It is used as protection net in constructions, harbours, park lots and sport fields.


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