mini reaper






Yapel Tractor mounted Reaper binder:

Our product 265-285-290 tractor models, with tractor PTO output
gear and shaft system moved to the front of the tractor and attachable with a special hydraulic arm system on the front of the tractor, 3 metres blade width and adjustable with mowing height YAPEL CDG 300. The reaperbinder which is dreven by the power – take – off dreve of the traktor and easily attached to the tractor by its theee – point hitch is a very useful and practical machine that needs very little maintenanceand it reaps and binds the crops such as wheatwheat grained barley, oat, rye and leaves them . This Yapel Tractor mounted Reaper binder is available at Kisan online in very best Price and Quality.


– As a result of the blade width is 3 meters and must be harvested
– easily in large areas, if any of 265-285-290 in our hands tied in front
– of your model, you can start to operate the machine if our existing
– Our machine sesame, wheat, sorghum, bean, such as plants, reaping
– the mower connecting equipment as a result, the bundle on the right
– and left side of the tractor with the help of the guides on the
– machine at regular intervals by bundling the crop leaves to crush.
– Mowing height adjustment with sliding system can be realized by
– hydraulic system on the machine it can be made. With the point to
– which the hydraulic lift arm system on the tractor three-point linkage
– is independent of the machine adjust itself according to the road conditions.



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